Distribution of brochures all over Greece with our network.

Flyer distribution throughout Greece:

We have been distributing leaflets all over Greece for 20 years.

We chose specific local professionals for Dynamiki Promotion Network partners

We all follow the methodology and organization of Dynamiki Promotion in the brochure distribution process.

Their locality ensures our customers a good knowledge of the specifics of each region.

Distribution teams, as members of the local community, create a leverage of disclosure on the goods, the offers, the event, and the services they advertise.

Checking flyer distribution throughout Greece:

Many customers of our partners come from Dynamiki Promotion. Deviation from distribution quality has an impact on overall collaboration with Dynamiki Promotion.

Our Partners know that they will receive field audits from our offices in Thessaloniki and Athens as well as telephone audits.

All forms and distribution data from all over Greece are collected by the Operations Manager and he informs the customer daily (e-mail).


Brochure distribution areas