Quality Controls of flyer Distribution


Distribution controls  in Dynamiki Promotion

Primary control:

The brochure distribution methodology we follow, ensures the first degree of time and quality control.

Second degree of control:

The supervisor of each group knows the time and amount of the printed matter for the area to be shared. The supervisor monitors each distributor separately so as to interfere directly with any deviation. Distributor feed time is recorded.

Third-degree control :

From our offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, we carry out daily checks in relation to Briefing and Methodology. We check our own teams and our partner teams for unique corporate distribution.

Phone Audit :

Additionally, we perform sample checks in distribution areas (optionally billed)

Distribution control forms

It Starts with Distribution plan, Supervisor cell phone numbers, and distribution maps.For the entire ad campaign. (per e-mail )

Direct communication about any interruption or change of the distribution program due to weather conditions, car damage etc.( per e-mail or phone )

A reference for all flyer distribution areas, on the previous day's work, by Project manager. Report for distribution of competitors, or distribution comments etc.

Facilitating our customers in any on-site inspection


 The corporate philosophy of Dynamiki Promotion is

immediacy, reliability, and consistency, through programming, control and certification processes.

With all of this, we develop long-term trustworthy partnerships


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