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For twenty (20) years we are active in the distribution of brochures in Thessaloniki, Athens, as well as in the rest of Greece, delivering your printed offers, catalogs, brochures, etc.

If you you want to choose a distribution company and do not rely on Goddess of Fortune, here you get informed about the Distribution Organization, Methodology, and the Audit that we offer, and certified work practices that we apply.

To promote your offers,  goods, and services, learn about our Services. If you need Pan-Hellenic distribution, our offices in Thessaloniki and Athens as well as a reliable network of affiliates are available .

If you believe that efficient distribution appears in the fund, to be  more specific, if the Return on Investment (RoI) is an important  index for you, find out why our Clients, have been trusting us for so many years, and how they rate us.

If you select the follwing area icons (Thessaloniki, Athens, Panhellenic), you will scroll to pages of our website, where you can see details about the areas, as well as other useful information such as population figures.

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Dynamiki Promotion member of ΕΕΔΕ

( Hellenic Managment Association)

For you, who still have questions, by following the Menu Pages of FAQs , of the Blog, or of our Useful Videos, you will surely find easy answers.

For distributing leaflets door to door, to place printed offers in Letterbox ,for sharing leaflets at public places such as squares , and to be informed about  our current prices and offers, do not hesitate to contact with us. .


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