Booklet distribution in Athens, capital of Greece

Athens the city of opportunity, with 4,500,000 inhabitants, the largest in the Balkan Peninsula.

People ready to buy or consume your services and products.

Here, you will find all the information you need for a successful promotion, with the distribution of printed material in Athens.

(Mailbox, apartment entrance, fixed, points etc.)

  • Learn how, and why we are, 20 years of leading company in brochures,

learn our structure and methodology

how many levels of control, brochure distribution we have

Which cities are offered, in addition to Athens and Thessaloniki, for distribution


Βelow, the areas of service for Athens and Piraeus


Athens municipal districts that we distribute advertising

Athens the city of opportunitys, with 4,500,000 inhabitants.

Municipal districts that we distribute to Athens

  • 1st Municipal District:

      Syntagma, Omonia, Monastiraki

  • 2nd Municipal District:

    NEOs Kosmos, Pagkrati

  • 3rd Municipal District:

    Observatory, Petralona, Thissio

  • 4th District:

    Kolonos, Akadimia Platonos, Votanikos, prophet Daniel, Sepolia

  • E ' Municipal apartment:

    Kato Patissia to Probona

  • F ' Municipal District:

    Agios Panteleimonas, Kipseli

  • G ' Municipal District:

    Ampelokipoi, Red Cross, polygon


Piraeus Municipal Districts we distribute Leaflets


Our port

Leaflet Distribution in Piraeus

  • A ' Municipal community:

    Piraiki, Hatzikyriakio, Gallipoli, Pigada, Ydraiika, Freattida, Vrioni

  • B'dimotiki Community:

    Pasalimani (Zea), Troympa, Terpsithea, Kentro, Agora, Electrical (Lemonadika), Pit of Baboyla, Kastela-Profitis Ilias, Mikrolimano

  • 3rd Municipal Community:

    Neo Faliro, chef, Myrtidiotissa

  • 4th Municipal Community:

    Kaminia, Apollon, old Kokkinia

  • E ' Municipal Community:

    Tampouria, Mani, Hagia Sophia, Papastrateio, Agios Dionysios-Vourla, cutting


Municipalities of the Athens-Piraeus Urban Complex,

we are distributing flyers